12 Days of Recall games. First 5 Games.

This post is taken from our Instagram 12 days of recall! I asked and the majority voted that 20 days of recall could be cool too! So, I will add these to the blog 5 games per blog. These are just games and by attempting these you assume that working with animals is a risk and no fault can be placed on Pest2Pet inc for any accidents that may ensue.

Game #1.

When your dog is not watching, lay flat and call them! Let them try and find you and nudge you to get to your face before celebrating with excitement and affection. Be careful and cover the back of your head if you have a large dog! #pest2pet in your videos!

Game #2

Coming in close!

As your dog comes in towards you be ready with treats or a toy closed in your hands. Be careful not to bend or reach towards them (the I’m gunna get you look) but instead move backwards a few steps with your body straight and hands outstretched. As they get to your hands for the reward step back at the same time as you pull your hands in as close to your body as you can. When your dog is in close, open your hands and let them take the treats or ball. Give multiple treats or play tug with the ball a bit before releasing them to play. Make sure they have fun when in your space rather than just catching up their leash or collar right away. Enjoy and tag @pest2pet in your videos and stories!

Game #3!

You and me learn recall in the dark! If you have a light, wave it first then use your dog’s recall word after. This can help them to realize that strange lights can be lots of fun. Also practice calling them when you see headlights, flashlights or the bobble lights on other dogs. Calling them when their head perks up and their body stiffens can keep them from barking at approaching people! Make sure to pay generously. Check out Instagram where in the video when you swipe left Chip earned a small packet of canned food! He was over the moon šŸŒ’ lol get it cuz recalls in the dark hehehe.

Game #4

The best feeling is that distance stay and recall! We leave our dog in a sit, walk far away, then say “come!” Little do we realize that when our dog anticipates the recall by leaving the stay a moment early, we are chipping away at the foundation stay. Another thing that happens is leaving the stay early can damage or slow the recall. When our dog breaks out of the stay to have a party we say, “no, no fluffy, stay” it makes them hesitate on the next recall. So.. for every 99 stays from a distance, I return to my dog before I release them. Around every 100 stays I will call them to come from a distance. It seems like a lot of stays, I know, but with 10 stays per day (waiting before going out doorways or kennels, staying in the yard, waiting for a toy or supper) you can do a recall from a stay every 10 days or so! Returning to their side before releasing them doesn’t take much extra time and their stays and recalls will improve drastically because of it! Tag @pest2pet in your recall videos but for day 4 let’s see you also return to their side while they remain in a stay.

Game #5
A need for speed!
When you call your dog and they are headed in your direction

1. Mark (click, say “yes”, or tell them to get their toy)

2. Give the toy in a way they can move directly past you or through you without knocking you over.
Always asking your dog to sit or trying to reach out and grab them when they come can slow them down when they come to you. They think “oh man, here we go, when I get to my owner they are just going to make me sit or grab me”. Practicing a need for speed can get them galloping, once their speed is up you can add back in game #2.

Stay tuned for the other 15 games!

Remember this is not a replacement for a professional seeing you and your dog and creating a plan specifically for your dog. See you on the next 5 and remember to tag #pest2pet in your posts and stories!


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